Friday, 6 May 2016

Privatising water to prove costly for people

The Delhi government's move to privatise water distribution is a bad and impractical idea.
Private players only known profit and to place water, the basic need of human being, in their hands could prove disastrous.
It is quite likely that once the decision comes into force, the price of drinking water will soar drastically, with the result that it will be rendered beyond the reach of the common man.
In fact, to beat the price rise, people may begin to resort to drawing water from wells.
We have experienced the rise in price that accompanies privatisation in the case of electricity, tariffs of which saw a steek hike in the wake if the move.
But people made their peace with it as one can live with reduced electricity consumption. But can you imagine living without water? It is impossible. Instead of Privatising water, the government should improve the working and administration of the Delhi Jal Board and hire competent people to oversee water distribution and also bear the cost.

(This letter published in Mail Today on August 6, 2012)