Sunday, 24 April 2016

Rural BPO

Refer to the cover story 'Growth of Rural BPO' in January 31, 2011 issue of Business Economics. It is definitely an eye opner. It has tremendous impact on Indian economy. Majority of our population still live in rural areas. Only source of income is agriculture which is dependent on seasonal rain. Lack of irrigation, irresponsible government attitudes to rural problems lead to the influx of people from rural to urban areas, cities are becoming crowded and a large number of our cities have already acquired the status of slums. Without basic amenities, people are forced to live in cities, because there is employment there. With more employment generated by rural BPOs, we may see people stick to their place. Problems of cities will automatically be solved with reverse migration. It is a welcome move and a step in the right direction to bring equilibrium between rural and urban India.

(This letter published in Business Economics on February 15, 2011)