Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Unfulfilled Kargil promises

Ten years after the Kargil war, it is astonishing to read of unfulfilled promises made to our brave soldiers, who fought to save the country from the jaw of a vicious enemy. The government made promises that are just not delivered. Shame to all our politicians who forget the sacrifices of our jawans, but nevet forget any chance to gain political mileage out of their valour.
They forget the glory of out armed forces, do not fulfill the promises made, but are ready to talk endlessly of the Bofors issue which had been dead and buried for a long time. No Indian is interested in the Bofors scandal anymore primary because the gun was one of the main reasons our soldiers were able to win the Kargil war.

(This letter was published in Mail Today on July 28, 2009)