Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Team India

At present, it looks so. The mixture of youth and experience is a perfect blend for any successful team. At Sydney, we lost the match due to the worst umpiring in cricketing history. It is the patience of captain Anil Kumble and the bonds of humanity that led to the success at Perth, which was considered a graveyard for the Indian team. We played a good game and outclassed the high-headed Australian in every department. We beat them not only in the match but also in sportsmanship, ethics, manners and humanity. With a cool head, Anil Kumble steered the Indian team to a very special and remarkable victory, which should be written in golden letters in book of cricket history. It set the example to play the game with the spirit of a gentleman.

(This letter published in Mail Today on January 21, 2008)