Saturday, 12 October 2013

Have flyovers been able to serve their purpose and made commuting better?

Yes, to a large extent flyovers are serving the very purpose for which they are being made. They have made the traffic smooth at major intersection and crowded traffics junctions like the one at AIIMS. However certain basic concepts are missing, which have made certain flyovers a mess during peak traffic. The approaching road beneath flyovers should not go parallel and merge immediately at the end of the flyover where traffic coming at speed merges as it is accident prone. The presence of bus stops and traffic signals at the very end of a flyover will lead to traffic jams. Take the examples the Ashram chowk flyover on Ring Road and the Mayapuri flyover at Naraina. In both the cases the traffic is held up due to the presence of traffic signals at the merging points. The authorities should remove bus stops at the end of flyovers.

(This letter published in Hindustan Times on November 19, 2002)